Exotic Limos For Your Next Big PR Event

Sometimes if you work in a unique industry in which public relations and positive publicity are key to your success, you look for out of the ordinary ways of accomplishing simple tasks. For example, Dallas and Fort Worth, along with neighboring Austin, is home to a thriving film industry. Classics such as Logan’s Run, Semi Tough, Places in the Heart, Robocop, Silkwood, Born on the Fourth of July, The Trip to Bountiful and JFK were made in Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the popular television series “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Dallas.” For special openings and premieres, publicity people search for ways to get positive attention paid to their project, and one fun way to do that is to provide an exotic Dallas limousine to bring your very important people to the special event. There are memorable, one-of-a-kind limousines being made today that will provide a special spark and buzz to any event travel for which you may be responsible, and some may be found at select Dallas limousine services, as well as various hot spots around the world.

For the world’s best sporty look, why look at the Ferrari F1 360 limousine. A Ferrari was very carefully cut down the middle, right behind the doors, and turned into a stretched powerhouse.

Australian Porsche mechanics decided that they wanted the ultimate Porsche for special occasions, and thus the Stretch Porsche was born. They chose the Porsche 911–and a convertible no less–as their vehicle of choice, with beautiful results.

For a tiny twist, why not go for a Mini XXL Stretch limousine? A Mini Cooper lengthened, it features room for six passengers, and has six wheels and four doors. For a touch of the fantastic, it also comes with a whirlpool in the rear of the vehicle, which comes with a cover when it’s not in use, and you can drain it easily by pulling a plug in the bottom.

On the other end of the stretch limousine spectrum, a SUV could meet your teterboro limo service wildest dreams. Perhaps a BMW X5 18 passenger limo will get you where you are going. Need an even larger limo? Then the Hummer H2, the Excursion, the Lincoln Navigator and the Cadillac Escalade all come in a 24 passenger stretch limousine that will fit the bill

For a return to the memorable, a stretch antique limousine might be in order. You might choose a two-tone 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne Airport Limousine for a trip back to happy days. Gorgeously restored, the 1930 Pierce-Arrow, 1933 Packard Super-8, 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom, and the 1937 Cadillac Lasalle stretch limousines are the way to arrive at a wedding, or a period film opening, in high style. No matter what your unique travel needs might be, there is a Dallas Limo Rental to meet them handsomely.

Jonathon Blocker writes informative articles on travel and lifestyle focused on the Dallas area. A business executive who travels extensively, he has had a great deal of experience with Dallas limousine services. His articles are focused on helping you choose the best Dallas limo rental for any of your transportation needs

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